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The Psychophysical Movement Approach©




The approach of traditional western medicine is to diagnose and treat physical and emotional pain separately. For example, if a patient is experiencing a physical ache or pain, doctors start looking at the site of the discomfort. Similarly, if you are experiencing emotional pain, you are sent for a psychiatric evaluation. The common perception is that the two are completely disconnected. By contrast, the The Psychophysical Movement Approach© is a unified method of healing which treats the physical, mental, and spiritual as one. This therapeutic modality recognizes that the body and mind are interconnected, and by engaging the body in movement we can facilitate the healing process. Through dedicated practice in this technique, one can learn how to transcend both psychological and physical pain. More specifically, through the intentional use of movement and hands-on touch we can release internalized pain and tension and re-awaken the true power of the mind/body/spirit connection.  

Alexander Technique

Dance/Movement Therapy


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